• WP10 will act as a focal point for all dissemination and outreach; technical content will be provided by all WPs. To ensure successful information exchange across the breadth of stakeholders, this work package will raise awareness of the solutions and best practices developed in NeXOS among the communities working in the project thematic areas.

    WP Leader: IEEE

    The objectives of WP10 are to:

  • This work package will implement an efficient organization structure, project planning, coordination, communication and quality assessment of management assessment to satisfy the objectives of NeXOS in the most effective way.

    WP Leader: PLOCAN

    The objectives of WP11 are to:

  • This work package sets the basis for technical and scientific coordination of the NeXOS project. It ensures that the diverse strands of research, implementation and outreach within the project share a common scientific and technological approach.

    WP Leader: Uni-HB

    The objectives of WP1 are to:

  • The work package will analyse the market (current demand for monitoring equipment and services, and future expectations) and the competitive position of European suppliers (manufacturers and service providers) within the global industry.

    WP Leader: ECORYS

    The objectives of WP2 are to:

    • Assess the economic viability of sensor systems requirements and products
    • Develop industrialisation strategies for the project products where applicable
  • This work package involves the engineering of cost-efficient and reliable sensor systems, the development of a biofouling protection system, and a reliability and cost assessment of the resulting products.

    WP Leader: IFREMER

    The objectives of WP3 are to:

  • This Work Package will develop a full hardware and software architecture to enable interoperable Web access to marine sensors. This will facilitate a rapid integration of useful sensor data into standard open data portals.

    WP Leader: UPC

    The objectives of WP4 are to:

  • The work package will develop innovative, compact and cost efficient multifunctional sensor systems for optical measurement of marine environmental parameters, including contaminants, dissolved substances, particulate matter, phytoplankton and variables relevant to the carbon cycle.

    WP Leader: UNOL

    The objectives of WP5 are to:

  • This WP will develop a new, compact multifunctional and cost-efficient sensor system for passive acoustics. This module will include the transducer(s), the firmware for pre-processing and the software for post-processing of acoustic information.

    WP Leader: PLOCAN

    The objectives of WP6 are to:

  • This WP will develop new very low cost, sturdy sensors for the multi-variable sensor system RECOPESCA, which will be enhanced with new variables relevant to fisheries management and the CFP.

    WP Leader: IFREMER

    The objectives of WP7 are to:

  • This WP carries NeXOS further into the integration and field validation of sensor systems as developed in WP 5 – 7 (O1,O2,O3,A1,A2,EAF), including the interfacing (WP4) and biofouling protection in WP3, where applicable.

    WP Leader: NIVA

    The objectives of WP8 are to:

    • Perform the integration of the sensor systems on selected marine platforms.
    • Perform the field scientific validation of the sensor systems.
    • Prepare the recommendations for the Demonstration phase of the project.
  • The main objective with this WP is, after the validation process, to publically demonstrate the new sensor developments (O1,O2,O3,A1,A2,EAF), in real operational scenarios on various platforms, in conjunction with outreach and dissemination events organised in WP10.

    WP Leader: REC

    The objectives of WP9 are to: