IFREMER (France)

IFREMER, French Research Institute for the Sustainable Exploitation of the Sea, is a national marine research institute whose missions are to improve knowledge about the oceans and their resources, monitor the coastal and marine environment and sustainable development of marine activities. It designs and deploys observational, experimental and monitoring tools and manages the French ocean research fleet on behalf of the entire scientific community.


  1. Finalized research in the prospect of answering to social expectations (climate change effects, marine biodiversity, pollutions prevention, seafood quality…). The results are scientific knowledge and technological innovations, but also ocean observation and exploration systems. The partnership is public, private or both.
  2. Oceans seas’ monitoring, in support to public policies for the environment and its resources. In the form of notices or studies reports, the results provide the information about the environment state or the evaluation of a resource and permit the expertise on sea-related questions.
  3. Development, management and open access of large research infrastructures – subsea observatories, fleet, calculation means, data centres, experimental facilities – which are made available to the whole National and European scientific community, as well as to private partners. The department of Physical Resources and seafloor Ecosystems (REM) is involved in joint research contracts with the industry (oil and gas, renewable energy, mineral resources) as the Carnot Institute (EDROME) in the marine field. The Technological R&D unit of this department will be the main contributor to NeXOS for Ifremer. It is committed to the economical exploitation of the innovative technologies with SMEs. The Marine and Numeric Infrastructure Department (IMN) has designed the software tools on board oceanographic vessels, used in many national fleets. It will bring this expertise and connect to EUROFLEETS project. IFREMER involvement in relevant European projects: As coordinator ESONET (NoE), MarinERA (ERANet), Spicosa (IP), SeaDataNet 1 and SeaDataNet 2(I3), EUROFLEETS 1&2 (I3), EUROARGO (ERIC -ESFRI) and JERICO (I3), EXOCET/D and ASSEM. And also main partner in EMSO (ERIC ESFRI), SEASERA (ERANet), MyOcean 1 & 2. IFREMER also participated to ICT MOBESENS, EuroSITES, HYPOX, CARBOOCEAN, ESONIM,…