SMID (Italy)

SMID Technology is a very small company devoted to Research and Development in the field of underwater passive monitoring, mainly acoustical. In more detail SMID is developing a new kind of small dimension and low power digital hydrophones (single, multi-channel, array, etc).

The core business of the company is the design and manufacturing of new devices, typically developed within funded R&D programs or small supplies for Research Centres and private Companies. While not being a non-profit organization, the main goal of SMID is not the business in itself, but it is rather the development of new technological advanced devices to be commercialized in the future from other companies of the industrial group SMID is ventured with.

SMID expertise offered to NeXOS come from specialized personnel (employed): three persons devoted to design, manufacture and test underwater equipment, one person for business development, system engineering and project managing activities, one person for administrative and project reporting aspects. Furthermore SMID established a steady and continuous co-operation agreement with AguaTech ( to get proper scientific support in the design and test of underwater devices.

AguaTech is a 2-persons company acting as a partner or as sub-supplier of SMID in almost all R&D activities and industrial jobs SMID is involved in. The two AguaTech persons are scientists (EX NURC, NATO Undersea Research Centre), one expert in underwater acoustics, the other one in system design and test at sea of underwater acoustic devices.