Next generation, Cost-effective, Compact, Multifunctional Web Enabled Ocean Sensor Systems Empowering Marine, Maritime and Fisheries Management

Presented at the 8th GEO European Projects Workshop, on 12TH and 13TH June 2014, Athens, Greece.

Collection of in-situ observation of a volume that covers over 70% of the planet is difficult and costly in time and resources, with yet rather unsatisfactory results, in particular, with respect to  space-time resolution. To this end, a number of challenges need to be overcome - as recognized in the Blue Planet GEO Ocean SBA description. Development of a new generation of multifunctional sensor syste ms is underway in the NeXOS Project to address some of these ocean monitoring challenges. NeXOS is focused on optical and passive acoustic sensors with applications ranging from more precise monitoring of the marine environment to an improved management of fisheries. From a technical perspective, NeXOS is addressing improved life cycle cost-efficiency via the implementation of innovations, such as multi-functionality, multiplatform integration, greater reliability through better antifouling management and greater sensor and data interoperability.  Requirements for the sensors have been refined from this perspective through surveys and discussions with science and industry users.